Films that Transcend Time

Creating films that will remind you of the life's most beautiful moments - for those are the only ones that truly matter. 

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Carla is a delight to work with! I have watched my wedding video at least 500 times since receiving it. It truly is something I and others will cherish for a lifetime. She’s worth every single penny! Thank you, Carla for using your talents to help create memories for others!
— Holly Croft, Bride

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm Carla Elizabeth Stubbs. I live by the notion that iced coffee is perfect in all weather, Birkenstock sandals are the worlds most comfortable shoes and chocolate is perfect in any and all forms.

I believe that video is the future and the best way to relive the past. My passion lies in creating films that can transcend years and remind us of all the beautiful moments life has to offer. I want to create something that will help you remember the most treasured parts of life - family, friends, fun and love.