My sister’s best friend Nicole was getting married. She knew I’d dabbled in videography so she asked me to take a little video of her wedding. Suddenly, I was hooked. I’d always loved weddings but now I got to experience them in a whole new way. I got to capture the heart of a wedding day and create something that let a couple forever remember the feeling of their wedding day. 


I’m a 23 year-old videographer with a passion for capturing couples who are totally in love and really excited to get married. I capture wedding days truthfully because I believe you should remember you wedding day just like it happened. And while I love the dresses, florals, and decor, what really matters is your marriage and the people you get to share it with. I love working with couples that are just down right excited to get married and have a fun day with all of your family and friends! I want to capture that kind of love.  


  • Coffee is a must, every-single-day. I prefer mine Iced #IcedCoffeeYearRound

  • House plants. I’m constantly working to keep them alive… but I like the challenge. I currently have two fiddle leaf figs that are thriving and it’s my biggest claim to fame.

  • Sparkling water > regular water. La Croix is basically a food group for me.

  • Spending weekends at my parents lake house. If I have a weekend free, you can find me on the dock. Preferably with a homemade margarita in hand.

  • Friends. One Tree Hill. Gossip Girl. Gilmore Girls. Friday Night Lights. I love alll the classic 90’s tv shows.

  • Great notebooks and pens are the way to my heart. Currently loving Appointed Notebooks and Uniball Signo pens.

  • My family. They are crazy, but I love them for it.

  • Max. My fiancè, videography partner and second shooter, my best friend of all time.