"The Story of Our Sisterhood" // Towson University Panhellenic Recruitment Promo

When I came to Towson University I loved being surrounded by thousands of different people but wanted to join something that would make Towson feel more like home and my four years on campus meaningful. Enter: Sorority Recruitment. I wasn't really interested in greek life until my roommate Colette talked about how fun she thought it would be and I decided it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I ended up joining Tri Delta and my entire college experience changed. Tri Delta gave me women that challenged me, women that pushed me to be a better leader, women that taught me incredible lessons, and women that loved me for who I truly am. As I near the end of my college experience, I wanted to do my part in changing the stereotype of sorority girls that almost made me miss out on such an amazing opportunity. 


Special thank you to The Panhellenic Association, Baylie Braverman, Sam Prager, Carly Heasley, and all the incredible women interviewed for this project! 

Carla StubbsComment