Emily + Micah's Family Vacation // Carla Elizabeth Studio Travel Film

I'm so so excited to share this video for a few reasons. First off, I loved making something for my incredible friends and past #CESWedding couple, Emily and Micah and their family. Emily and Micah are expecting a baby boy come December and I can't be more excited for the start of their family. I hope this video will be something their family can look back on to remember their last trip before baby Davey was born! 

Second, this is the first CES Travel Film I've made and I couldn't be more excited to adding this offering to my business. I truly believe video is the best way to preserve your memories - and I think that we should be preserving more than just wedding days. While I love capturing wedding days, I think traveling creates some of the best lifelong memories - and those are worth documenting. Personally, I've seen how video can take me back to a trip or experience and remind me of the best moments and I want everyone to be able to experience that. 

Interested in working with me to make a film of your next vacation? Check out my Travel page for more information! 

Carla Stubbs