Meet the Boy Behind the Biz + An Announcement!

In honor of Valentine’s day, I wanted share a little more about the guy behind the business, Max. He’s my biggest cheerleader, best friend and even my second shooter (more on that later!). You can get to know us a little better from this video of our Europe trip last summer. 


Max and I have been dating for almost seven, yes seven, years! We met when we were both sophomores in high school and have basically grown up together. We’ve been through graduations, changing careers, moving, losing family members, friendship changes and a whole lot more.


When we first met, I knew we were the quintessential opposites attract type of relationship. He's quiet, while I am a nonstop chatterbox. He loves to stay up late, while I like to be in bed early. He loves dinner and I love breakfast. Heck, the first time he came to my house he wore a light blue button down and khakis and I was in jeans and a t-shirt. 


This year, my business has grown more than I could imagine and I knew I was nearing close to burnout trying to keep up with all the editing. Max has already been serving as my second shooter so I'm excited to bring him on as a more staple member of the Carla Elizabeth Studio team! He has taken on editing projects along with second shooting, freeing me up to brainstorm some pretty exciting opportunities later this year! 


Please join me in welcoming Max to the CES team and be sure to say hello when you see us behind the camera

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