Our Portugal Adventure | Max Proposed - Carla Elizabeth Studio

We’ve been back from Portugal for a whole month and I’m still dreaming about that trip. We first went to Portugal as a part of our after-college pre-real-life eurotrip! We loved Portugal so much we decided to come back… for twelve days! It was the most incredible trip - especially after the past year. I felt more present then I ever have on a trip and truly cherished the time with Max and my family.

We arrived in Portugal on a Saturday morning after a red-eye flight! We went to our airbnb apartment (the same one we stayed in last time we were there!) Then, Max suggested we go to our favorite beach, Carcavelos! That should have triggered me thinking he might propose but I think I was a little to excited (and sleep-deprived) to really consider it. We walked along the beach, drank some Vino Verde out of plastic cups and sat along the cliffs. There was actually a couple sitting right near us in the perfect photo spot so Emily said “once they move, I’ll get a picture of you and Max.” I could tell everyone was starting to get hungry so I suggested we head back to the city to get dinner and all three of them said “No, we’re okay.” After a little while, that couple moved so we stood up to take a picture. Little did I know, Max had sneakily grabbed the ring box from his backpack and held it behind his back as he walked over. I’m just standing there with my hand on my hip (my go-to pose!) when Max says “I need to ask you a question.” I 100% thought he was about to say “Can we go get dinner? I’m really hungry” but to my shock he said “Will you Marry Me?” I thought he was joking at first, but then he opened the ring box to the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. I basically started hyperventilating and said “Yes!” It was the single most exciting moment of my life. I’ve known I loved this boy since I was 15 so I am beyond thrilled to finally be his wife!

The rest of our trip was so special. We basically got to celebrate for 12 straight days and facetime all of our friends and family to tell them the news. We drank amazing champagne, port and wine, saw some of the most amazing sites, and enjoyed the adventure of having my parents in a foreign country (just kidding, Mom and Dad!)

I hope to do a whole post of all our Portugal recommendations soon! Until then, check out our Portugal Travel Film (including a video of the proposal from my brother-in-law. Thanks Pat!)

Carla Stubbs