Honoring a legacy // Judy Wade Burroughs // Legacy Video

Twelve years ago, my grandfather introduced us to Judy. Little did I know, she would become one of the most important in my life and their new marriage would become an incredible example of love. Judy was more than a grandmother - she was a shining example of the woman I want to be in 50 years. She was completely true to herself and loved everyone she met unconditionally.

After a full live of faith, fun, friends and family, Judy joined my grandmother Nonnie in Heaven. This past weekend we celebrated her life and I put together a slideshow of her life to share during the reception.

This video served as a reminder how the people and memories, rather than material items and daily challenges, shape our whole life (and how cameras have changed over the years!) I'm so honored I was able to be a small part of the celebration of such an incredible woman. 

Carla Stubbs